Bullet Journaling is Awesome

(Yes I came back and added this image more than two years later)
(Yes I came back and added this image more than two years later)

I started a bullet journal a few months ago, and it has done wonders for me. It helps me sort out my thoughts, take stock of my day, and keep a track of my plans and goals.

You’re probably wondering what a bullet journal (or bujo) is — I know I had no idea what they were until very recently. Actually, I learned about them maybe five minutes before I decided to start one.

Basically, it’s like a journal, but short form. You write your entries as bulleted lists. Aside from that, it’s whatever you want it to be. Some people use it as a diary, others as a planner, others a combination of both. I mainly use mine for thoughts and lists, since I have a separate day planner.

Frequently, my day-to-day entries are short summaries, like in the picture. But sometimes I will get a tad more long-winded.

The day I was diagnosed with ADD I had a lot of things to process, so I filled up two pages. This is rare, however. Usually I wrote a half or a full page for a regular day.

Structurally, many bujo users will make a key and an index at the beginning. These are good for keeping track of what sorts of things you write and finding useful lists quickly. Of course, it helps to remember to update the index. Mine is a little behind.

I also like to make fun lists, like books I want to read or shows I’m watching.

Ultimately, a bujo is whatever you want it to be. That’s what is so great. It lets you be completely you, without constraints. No one is grading you or judging the content. Unless you lose your mind like I have and put images of it on the internet, no one will ever see it but you.

I know that just sounds like a diary — it basically is one, but in a format that’s less intimidating. I mentioned my recent ADD diagnosis earlier. Well, with my brain, sometimes focusing to write a full journal entry is just not gonna happen. But a list? Easy. And it lets me work through whatever I need to just the same.

So, yeah, bullet journaling is the shiz. I recommend it.

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