I Don’t Care If You’re Healthy

I’m sure that headline would be fodder for the haters, if this were a popular enough blog to have them. But it’s true. I don’t care how healthy you are.

Why? Because it makes no difference in deciding whether you deserve to be treated humanely or not.

Here’s a little secret: you do. You deserve to be treated with kindness, respect, love, care, compassion, and dignity whether or not your body matches what is commonly believed to be “healthy.”

I have even more news for you. “Healthy” is subjective. It doesn’t mean the same thing for every person. And not everyone can achieve the common definitions of health, regardless of what their habits are. Disabilities, chronic diseases, injuries, etc, exist, and people with those still deserve to be treated well.

You get to decide how to care for your body, and as long as you aren’t directly inflicting harm on someone else, no one gets to tell you to do things differently. Not family, not friends, not strangers. Unless you are blowing cigarette smoke in my face, I’m not going to ask you to change (please be courteous and smoke far away from people!).

Let’s also not forget the importance of mental health. You have to prioritize your life in a way that is mentally appropriate for you. Even if you could have so-called “perfect” habits, what toll would that take? Is it worth it to you? If it’s going to trigger or overtax you, it probably isn’t, though that is a choice you get to make for yourself.

You may want to heed a doctor’s advice, of course, but even they aren’t perfect. Many have strong anti-fat bias and will misdiagnose or simply fall back on prescribing weight loss because they’re too bigoted or too lazy to do better. But you have to make the decisions, ultimately, about how you treat your body.

And whatever you decide, you are still a worthy and deserving human.

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