Life Gets in the Way

In the time since I last posted, a lot has happened. Or, at least, enough has happened that it hijacked my brain and made things like blogging seem impossible.

Mainly, my wonderful new apartment has turned out to be not-so-wonderful. See, not too long after I moved in, I saw a mouse. Had it just been the one time, I probably would have been OK. But then I saw another (or maybe the same one again). Then I saw an increasing amount of droppings. Then I was seeing at least one mouse every day and cleaning up fresh droppings constantly. My landlord came and blocked off holes and put out traps, but they didn’t do enough.

I finally caught one in a live trap and released it. That gave me some relief, until I saw more. This gave me a mini-breakdown. My father got involved and insisted my landlord call in a professional, which he did. But that meant putting out poison, and I didn’t want Wesley around that, so we went to stay with my parents. For several nights that meant sleeping on the couch or floor because they didn’t have a spare bed.

I kept going back to my apartment and checking for new droppings. There were fewer and fewer, so I thought the problem was sorting itself out. Once I had gone back a couple of times and not seen any new evidence of mice, I hired cleaners, then moved back home. It seemed everything was fine again.

I was having trouble relaxing, because I kept watching all the mouse hotspots expecting to see more. For a time I didn’t.

Then, just last week, I was cooking dinner, and I saw Wesley suddenly tear across the room. I looked where he was going and saw the little brown streak of a running mouse.

They weren’t gone.

Somewhere around the time of my mini-breakdown, my landlord said if I wasn’t comfortable he’d let me out of the lease. I had said I didn’t want to do that, because aside from the mice it was a great apartment. Unfortunately, with them not gone, I couldn’t live there anymore. I was constantly on edge, worried that I or my dog would get sick from the infestation. So I decided to take my landlord up on his offer and move.

As of right now, I’m waiting to hear back about a new apartment, and getting ready to move out of the mouse hole by the end of July. I can’t wait to be settled somewhere else and back to the things I want and need to do — like this blog and my dissertation.

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