More Fact-Based Shows, Please

I’ve been obsessed for a little while now with the show Adam Ruins Everything. If you’ve never watched it, you should. The premise is basically to use experts and factual sources to debunk commonly-held misconceptions. They’ve tackled a lot of topics, like fertility, security, drugs, prison, and voting, and going into the current (second) season, I was cautiously excited to see they planned to take on weight loss.

Of course, plenty of otherwise intelligent people fall prey to fatphobia all the time, so I couldn’t be completely without apprehension. But I went into last week’s episode hopeful, in part thanks to some of the promo videos I had seen, like this one:


I was overall pleased with the episode — no, it wasn’t perfect, but for mainstream TV in the current climate? It was pretty great.

This isn’t the only time science has shown was a load of BS dieting is. Bill Nye’s Netflix show had a similar episode, and the takeaway was basically that whatever your body does when you are taking moderate care of yourself is what size you are supposed to be. Long-term weight loss is not possible for most (nearly all) of us, and it’s not safe anyway.

We need more shows based on actual science, using real expert sources instead of people with a financial interest in the dieting industry or sources so diluted by laymen that they lose all meaning.

And if you’re in doubt about the accuracy of this particular ARE episode, you can always check their sources for yourself. They post them for every show they do.

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