4 Things I Learned In One Month of the Miracle Morning

In April I wrote that I was going to try the Miracle Morning, from the self-help book (affiliate link) of the same name.

To recap, the basic premise is that you get up about an hour earlier than usual and do a series of tasks called Life S.A.V.E.R.S. that are meant to center and focus you to be more productive and successful for the rest of the day.

While I’m not sure that this has made any major impact on my life, I have learned a few things.

1. I’m still not a morning person.

I kind of had to give up on the “hour earlier than normal” bit. Fortunately, since all of my projects at the moment (dissertation, blog, social media gig) are of the create-your-own-schedule variety, it didn’t make much difference. I started when I would have gotten up anyway, in addition to or instead of other things I’d normally do.

2. Having a dog makes some parts easier.

I can’t oversleep because Wesley wakes me up for food and a walk. Even though I’m not getting up earlier than usual, he keeps me from sleeping in too much. Plus, since he has to go outside right away, I have a built-in exercise step. I used to just dash him out front, maybe to the end of the block and back. Now to incorporate a bit more exercise I’ll take him on longer strolls first thing. It’s nice because there aren’t too many other dogs out. No one to bark at.

3. Having a dog also makes some parts harder.

The book suggests doing the exercise component last, but Wesley needs to go right away. So I do it first. Not a huge deal. He also makes the other steps trickier if he’s feeling needy. Take silence. If I’m trying to get in 10 minutes of meditation, he might start pawing at my leg or jump into my lap and pull focus. When journaling, he might decide it’s time for pets instead and try to knock the pen out of my hand. Some of this can be mitigated by timing his breakfast accordingly, though. And really, the nuisances aren’t that bad. He’s pretty cute.

4. It’s helpful to get focused first thing in the morning

Even though I didn’t wake up much earlier than usual, taking a moment to sit with myself and focus was actually super helpful. It made it easier to be productive right away, and I was less inclined to lounge on my bed rewatching Archer for the 75th time while eating breakfast. Instead, I’ll have my breakfast at my desk and start my work, either on my blog or my dissertation, sooner.

The verdict? It’s a little corny, but not worthless.

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