My Favorite Body Positive Feel-Good Tunes

Sometimes you just need some tunes to help you out. Whether it’s pumping you up before a date or meeting, chilling on the subway, or hanging out with friends, a great playlist is vital. I know that I love to have a handful of songs available to help me feel great about myself, which is why I’m sharing my favorite body positive feel-good songs.


This is a short but sweet post; I don’t want to get in the way of any of the move-busting that’s definitely about to happen.

Miss Eaves — “Thunder Thighs”


Lizzo — “Worship”

Demi Lovato — “Confident”

Selena Gomez — “Who Says”

Sophie Beem — “Girls Will Be Girls”

Pink — “F*ckin Perfect”

Nicki Minaj w/ Beyonce — “Feeling Myself”

Beyonce — “Grown Woman”

Go forth, feel great, and enjoy!

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