I Hate Trump Because He’s a Monster, Not Because He’s Fat

[TW for fatphobic content]

So I guess we’re doing this again. Twitter “progressives” are skipping over all of the atrocities Trump commits on a daily basis and are instead laughing at his weight.

I’m exhausted.

Of course this tag was trending. Of course the tweet went viral — it’s a veritable bubonic plague of eye-rolling, cringe-inducing schoolyard bully “humor.” It’s the lowest of hanging fruits, ripe for so-called progressives and leftists to jump at, reveling in the excuse to make hateful stereotypical “jokes” while patting themselves on the back because the target is Trump.

Does this sound familiar? Because I’m getting a touch of deja vu.

People have cooked up a lot of excuses about why THIS fatphobia isn’t like OTHER fatphobia and that we should just chill out because it’s aimed at Trump and they totally don’t think the same things about you. They’re all BS.

If you think that fatphobia is ok against one person, then you are demonstrating that you think it’s OK. I don’t believe you if you say you don’t think that about other fat people, because if you didn’t think like that you wouldn’t have come up with these comments in the first place.

That’s just another way of saying I’m only guarded from your fatphobia because you approve of me. If we have a falling-out, I’m on your lazy joke list.

Look, I honestly do not care how Trump feels when people comment on his weight. I do care about the real life fat people who will see those comments, no matter who they’re aimed at, and be harmed by them.

I hate Donald Trump with the fire of a thousand suns. He’s a bad president and a bad person. But he’s terrible because of things that have nothing to do with his weight.

People say that fat-shaming him is just giving him a taste of his own medicine, since he’s said awful things about women and their looks. He’s done a lot of things that he could be given a taste of, though.

If you want to eye-for-an-eye him, I vote we send him to the border and lock him up in one of the camps where he’s been putting children. Let all of the asylum-seekers, immigrants, and refugees go and put him in a cage with minimal sustenance and no comfort.

That would benefit a lot more people than an unfunny, uncreative hashtag.

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