The Fatshionista’s Guide to Channeling Your Inner Alexis Rose

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Ew, David.

Animated gif of Alexis Rose wearing a blue velvet dress, posing like a model.

Schitt’s Creek‘s Alexis Rose (played by Annie Murphy) is a great, hilarious character, in addition to being a style queen. Her high-end, designer, boho-esque looks stand out both against her more edgy-chic family as well as her casual small-town neighbors.

Boho — when done without the all-too-rampant cultural appropriation that turns up sometimes — is one of those styles that I always covet but often feel like I can’t quite seem to pull off. I love the soft, casual vibe, but I have some trouble putting together the looks.

I’m turning to Alexis as a guide. Granted, she is, in her words “basically a sample size,” so the exact pieces will be different (and even if I could fit in them I’m sure I couldn’t afford them), but the vibe will be similar.

Short, Flowy Dresses

Four images of Alexis Rose in short, flowy dresses.
Alexis loves to show off some leg while still wearing light, floaty dresses.

There are lots of plus size options out there that stay pretty true to the spirit of the dresses shown above.

Torrid, $64.90, sizes 10-30
Amazon, $24.99, sizes 0X-3X
Amazon, $29.98, sizes S-4XL

If you’d rather not show so much leg (totally valid!), there are longer options that capture the same spirit.

Amazon, $27.98, sizes L-5X
Amazon, $35.99, sizes 0X-4X
Amazon, $18.92, sizes 14, 16, 20, and 24

You can also use accessories to incorporate the Alexis-style look into your daily wardrobe in subtler ways.

Sweet Headbands

Amazon, $13.99
Amazon, $8.99
Torrid, $16.90

Floppy Hats

Amazon, $23.99
Old Navy, $19
Torrid, $24.90

Signature Jewelry

Amazon, $8.99
Amazon, $9.99
Amazon, $14.99
Amazon, $8.99
Amazon, $7.60
Amazon, $14.99

What’s your favorite Alexis look?

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