Our Obsession with Weight Ruins Everything

A closeup of several slices of lemon, one with a pink interior.

This seems like a dramatic headline but it’s true — this cultural obsession with weight is truly ruining everything.

It started so simply. I went on Pinterest to look for recipes. I’d recently realized that I had been feeling kind of not-great, and after some thought attributed that to my eating habits. Usually I’m a big fan of veggies but I had been getting a lot more take-out, snacking on sweets, and just not eating super healthfully overall.

So when I logged in to Pinterest, my goal was to find some creative, nutritious snacks. AKA not toasted marshmallow flavored Jelly Bellies (no regrets though, tbh).

What I got was a bunch of recipes claiming to be “keto” or “paleo” or some other weight loss related garbage.

Can’t I just find things that are nutritious without having diet culture rammed down my throat?

There are many reasons to want to add nutrients and make changes. Plus, “paleo” and “keto” are far from healthy — excessive protein consumption is extremely hard on your system, specifically, your kidneys. Unless you’re a child with epilepsy (who the diet was originally designed for), it’s not good for you. So really, keto recipes SHOULDN’T come up when you search for healthy foods. 

But seriously, I don’t want to manipulate my size. I want nutritious food because I like how it makes me FEEL. Why must I be inundated with fatphobic garbage when I look for it? 

Vegetables aren’t the sole property of the thin. It shows how warped our culture is that we can’t even share yummy recipes without adding in some fat-hating diet garbage. 

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