Hi, I’m Liza. I’m a 30-something who lives in New York.

I am a lot of things: daughter, friend, little sister, dog mom, PhD student, writer, reader, photographer, knitter, crocheter, fatshionista, animal lover, nerd, yoga enthusiast.

I’m working on my dissertation for my doctorate in Information Studies. Well, right now I’m working on the proposal, technically. I’m looking at the information needs and behaviors of fat acceptance activists, which allows me to combine my studies with something I’m incredibly passionate about: fat positivity and politics.

Psst, I know a lot of people will probably recoil at how I use the word “fat” so much. Luckily, I’ve written a post about that already, so you can see why I’m so free with it. Spoiler alert: it’s a description, not an insult.

This blog is about my life, about navigating the world as the person that I am. You’re going to see posts on fat politics, as well as on fiber crafts, yoga, my dog Wesley, books, clothes, and books.

Join me.